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Tasteless Jokes

There are 116 Tasteless jokes in this category. Prev 5 | Next 5

Shame & Glory (Added On: 2018-02-18 Rating : 2.00 / 5.00 Rate This Joke)

A woman walks into a bar and orders two shots. She downs the first one, "This is for the shame," and then the second one," This is for the glory."She then orders two more shots. She drinks the first one, "This is for the shame," and then the second one, "This is for the glory." She is about to order two more shots when the bartender stops her, "Ma'am, I was just wondering...what's this about shame and glory?" "Well," she replies, "I like to do my housework naked. But when I bent over to pick something up, my great dane mounted me from behind." "That must be the shame," the bartender said."No, that was the glory. The shame is when we got locked up and he dragged me around the front yard for thirty minutes."

A Hole in the Head (Added On: 2018-01-30 Rating : 2.00 / 5.00 Rate This Joke)

Why does a man's penis have a hole in it? So he can get oxygen to his brain.

Oceans of Beer (Added On: 2018-01-08 Rating : 2.00 / 5.00 Rate This Joke)

Two guys, of limited intelligence, were on a ship that sank in the middle of the Ocean. They managed to inflate a rubber life raft and grab a box of provisions before their ship slipped under the surface.After floating under blazing heat, for 6 days, they ran out of food and water. On the 10th day, bleary eyed and half dead from heat, thirst and starvation, they spotted a small object, floating toward them in the water.As it drew near, they were ecstatic to find that it was an old oil lamp (the kind that genies come in). They grabbed the lamp and rubbed it. Out popped a tired old genie who said, "O.K., so you freed me from the stupid lamp, but hey, I've been doing this 3-wishes stuff for a while now and quite frankly, I'm burned out." You guys only get 1 wish and then I'm outta here, so make it a good one."The first guy, blurted out, without thinking, "Give us all the beer we can drink for the rest of our lives!""Fine," said the genie, and he instantly turned the entire Ocean to beer, and disappeared."Great move, Einstein," said the second guy, slapping the first guy in the side of the head. "Now we're gonna have to pee in the boat!"

Captains Red Shirt (Added On: 2018-01-03 Rating : 2.00 / 5.00 Rate This Joke)

Centuries ago when the Seas were ruled by pirates, there was a certain captain. One day this captain was relaxing when the lookout burst into his quarters. "Captain, pirate ship off the port bow!"The captain then called for his first mate and said, "First mate, bring me my red shirt!" The red shirt was brought to him, they went into battle and won.The next day the lookout again burst into the room and said, "Captain, two pirate ships closing fast!" Once again the captain called for the first mate and said, "First mate, bring me my red shirt!" The first mate brought him his red shirt and once again they won the battle.During the celebration the first-mate asked, "Captain, why do you always ask for your red shirt when we go into battle?""The answer is simple. That way, if I'm injured, the crew won't know and they won't lose hope."Just then the lookout burst through the door, "Captain, ten ships closing fast!""First mate, bring me my brown pants!"

Bob in the back (Added On: 2018-01-02 Rating : 2.00 / 5.00 Rate This Joke)

This guy has lived up in the mountains for a long time. He hikes down to this bar and goes in and says, "Bartender, I have to get laid."

The bartender says, "Well, all we have is Bob in the back."

The guy says, "No way man! I don't go for that gay stuff," and hikes back up the mountain.

About a year later, he hikes down to the bar again and says, "Bartender, I have got to get laid!"

The bartender says, "Well, like I told you before, all we have is Bob in the back."

The guy again tells the bartended that he isn't gay. However, as he has a couple of beers, he starts thinking about how long it's been since he was with a woman, and finally asks the bartender, "Listen, if I do this, who's going to know about it? I mean, I don't want people to think I'm gay."

The bartender says, "The only ones who will know about it are you, me, and the two guys holding down Bob, because he ain't gay either."

There are 116 Tasteless jokes in this category. Prev 5 | Next 5

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