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Little Johnny/Jane Jokes

There are 24 Little Johnny/Jane jokes in this category. Prev 5 | Next 5

Taken Apart (Added On: 2018-01-16 Rating : 2.00 / 5.00 Rate This Joke)

Little Jonny asked his mother "Ma, is it true that people can be taken apart like machines?""Of course not, where did you hear such nonsense?" replied by his motherLittle Jonny answered " The other day, Daddy was talking to someone on the phone, and he said that he screwed the ass off his secretary."

There are more jokes like this at http://www.dirtylaughs.com

Ride 'em, cowboy! (Added On: 2017-12-10 Rating : 2.00 / 5.00 Rate This Joke)

Little Johnny is passing his parents' bedroom in the middle of the night,
in search of a glass of water. Hearing a lot of moaning and thumping, he
peeks in and catches his folks in The Act. Before dad can even react, Little
Johnny exclaims "Oh, boy! Horsie ride! Daddy, can I ride on your back?"

Daddy, relieved that Johnny's not asking more uncomfortable questions, and
seeing the opportunity not to break his stride, agrees. Johnny hops on and
daddy starts going to town.

Pretty soon mommy starts moaning and gasping. Johnny cries out "Hang on
tight, Daddy! This is the part where me and the milkman usually get bucked

Uncle Charlie (Added On: 2017-08-12 Rating : 2.00 / 5.00 Rate This Joke)

A teacher was giving class lessons in morals and asked for examples.Little Mary stood up and said,
'My father is a chicken farmer and when we collect the eggs each morning, we take more than one basket, so you don't put all your eggs in one basket.''Very good, Mary,' said the teacher. 'Any more morals?'Little Johnny stands up.
'During the war,' he says, 'my Uncle Charlie was alone in a fox-hole with a rifle and a bottle of whisky.''A whole German battalion was approaching him, so he had a big gulp of the whisky and fired all his bullets at the Germans, killing at least 100. He fell back into the fox-hole, took another large swig of whisky and ran out and used his bayonet and rifle butt to kill all the Germans left.''That's very brave of your uncle,' said the teacher, 'but where's the moral to the story?''Well.' said Johnny, 'You don't f*** around with Uncle Charlie when he's been on the piss.'

Little Johnny Crack-up. (Added On: 2017-06-09 Rating : 2.00 / 5.00 Rate This Joke)

A young female teacher was giving an assignment to her 6th grade class. It was a large assignment so she started writing high up on the chalkboard. Suddenly there was a giggle from one of the boys in the class.

She quickly turned and asked, "What's so funny Bobby?"

"Well teacher, I just saw one of your garters."

"Get out of my classroom," she yells, "I don't want to see you for three days!"

The teacher turns back to the chalkboard.

Realizing she had forgotten to title the assignment; she reaches to the very top of the chalkboard. Suddenly there is an even louder giggle from another male student. She quickly turns and asks, "What's so funny Billy?"

"Well teacher, I just saw BOTH of your garters."

Again she yells, "Get out of my classroom!" This time the punishment is more severe, and tells him - "I don't want to see you for three weeks!"

Embarrassed and frustrated, she drops the eraser when she turns around again. So she bends over to pick it up. This time there is an burst of laughter from another male student. She quickly turns to see Little Johnny leaving the classroom.

"And where do you think you are going?" she asks.

"Well teach, from what I just saw, my school days are over!"

Urinate (Added On: 2017-05-29 Rating : 2.00 / 5.00 Rate This Joke)

Little Johnny was sitting in class one day. All of the sudden, he needed to go to the bathroom. He yelled out, "Miss Jones, I need to take a piss!!" The teacher replied, "Now, Johnny, that is NOT the proper word to use in this situation. The correct word you want to use is 'urinate.' Please use the word 'urinate' in a sentence correctly, and I will allow you to go." Little Johnny thinks for a bit, then says, "You're an eight, but if you had bigger tits, you'd be a ten!!!"

There are 24 Little Johnny/Jane jokes in this category. Prev 5 | Next 5

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